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Study Alternatives

The Alignment Study considered eight categories of alternatives that are as follows:


1 - No Build

The no-build alternative applies as a whole to all alternatives or in-part to individual alternatives. The no build alternative...


2 - Roadway Typical Sections

The existing roadway typical section at the beginning of the project consists of two 11.5-foot driving lanes with narrow...


3 - Central Business District Parking

The wide expanse of pavement provided along US 60 through the Central Business District offers several alternatives...


4 - Gateway Roundabout

A roundabout is a circular intersection with a central island around which traffic must travel counterclockwise...


5 - Minor Intersection Realignments

US 60’s alignment through the portion of Mountainair west of 3rd Street and east of Railroad Avenue follows...

drainage impr.png

6 - Drainage Improvements

Recommendations are based on multiple options set forth for the roadway section.  They address cross drainage culverts...


7 - Miscellaneous

The central business district lighting should be designed in accordance with the American Association of State...

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