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Description of Existing Facility


This website provides a synopsis of the combined Phase A and Phase B evaluation of alternatives pursuant to the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Alignment Study of US 60 MP 203.6 TO 205.0.

The Alignment Study begins on the west edge of Mountainair, New Mexico at milepost (MP) 203.6 and continues east through Mountainair to MP 205. This segment of US 60 is a two-lane facility. The existing typical section varies from 2 12-foot driving lanes with little or no shoulders to a central business district (CBD) roadway width of 80’ from curb to curb. The existing curb varies in height from 3 inches to as much as 16 inches. Existing parking in the CBD is angle or perpendicular parking currently unmarked. It was observed that people park at angles varying from 45 to 90 degrees. Existing sidewalks are old and in poor condition and many do not provide curb ramp transitions to street grade. Sidewalks will need to be evaluated at entrances to businesses to ensure access complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.  This may require additional ramps on sidewalks for access to businesses.

Project Purpose and Need

The Purpose of the US 60, milepost 203.6 TO 205, Alignment Study is to address physical roadway deficiencies and improve drainage, safety and mobility for all modes while accommodating economic development.

The Need is based on poor pavement conditions, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) deficiencies, intermittent pedestrian facilities, lack of bicycle accessibility and safety, frequent uncontrolled highway access, poor intersection and driveway geometry, undefined roadside parking, poor roadside and crossing drainage issues and roadside safety.

For more on purpose and needs, see Existing Conditions.


NMDOT has programmed $2,452,406 for construction on this corridor in Fiscal Year 2022. 


1. No Build: This would leave all roads as they are with no improvements beyond routine maintenance. 

2.Roadway typical sections 

a. Extending sidewalks and curb & gutter to 

i. Just west of 3rd Street or 

ii. Just west of Limit Avenue 

b. Widening roadway with new 8-foot shoulders at the beginning and end of project. 

3. Central Business District Parking Alternatives 

a. Parallel Parking 

b. Back-In Diagonal Parking 

4.Gateway Roundabouts 

a. Sunset Avenue 

b. Railroad Avenue 

5.Intersection and Driveway Geometry 

a. Skewed Intersection Realignment 

b. Closure of side streets at US 60 

7.Drainage Improvements 

a. Capturing offsite flows 

b. Cross drainage culvert structures 

c. Storm drain system 

d. Retention ponds 


a. Ornamental street lights 

b. Color patterned crosswalks 

c. Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) at crosswalks for Summit Avenue 

d. Green Bike Lanes through Central Business District 

For more on this, see Project Alternatives.


US Route 60 (US 60) is a United States highway that runs east-west through central New Mexico. The highway is predominantly a two-lane facility, with 3-lane and 4 to 5-lane segments near larger populated communities like Socorro, Encino, Vaughn, Fort Sumner, Taiban, Melrose, Clovis, and Texico.

The project study area for this segment of US 60 is from the westerly beginning of project (BOP) near milepost (MP) 203.6 easterly to the end of project (EOP) at MP 205. The segment is nearly two miles in length and runs through Mountainair serving as the primary main street. The figure above provides the project location. 

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