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First Public Information Meeting

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) held the first public information meeting for the US 60 Alignment Study on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. The meeting was held at the Dr. Saul Community Center located at 109 N Roosevelt Ave, Mountainair, NM 87036. 45 people signed in at the registration table. Representatives from the Project Team, including the NMDOT, and the consultant team, were also present. In addition to the Project Team, the Mountainair Town Council and Mayor were in attendance.

The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Present and discuss the findings of the initial analyses of the project

  • Present the project purpose and need

  • Solicit comments from stakeholders and the public relating to project issues of importance and areas of concern

The meeting format included a presentation by project team representatives, a question and answer period, and an open house session where individuals could review display materials and talk to project team representatives.  The presentation began at 6:00 pm and covered the following topics:

  • Introduction and Existing Conditions

  • Project Purpose and Need

  • Project Study Process

  • Public Involvement and the Next Steps

A question and answer period followed the presentation. Following this, meeting attendees were invited to review display boards of the corridor and discuss them and the project with Project Team members.

Key Issues Identified by Stakeholders are Summarized

  • Rejection of parallel parking

  • Moderate support for roundabouts but strong concern about large wind turbine blade transport maneuver

  • Moderate to high support for back-in-angled parking

  • Moderate support for bike lanes

  • Moderate to high support for curb extensions/bulb-outs and crosswalks

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