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Pedestrian Facilities

Sidewalks & Accessibility

Sidewalks are currently only present within the central business district (CBD) within the town limits from Sunset Avenue to Railroad Avenue. The sidewalks vary in width from 4’ to 10’ and are intermittent along the south side. The sidewalks are aged, cracked, and showing severe spalling in areas. The pedestrian ramps, if present, do not meet current ADA requirements.

Currently there are uncontrolled striped crosswalks at US 60 & Summit Avenue near the school and also at US 60 & Summit Ave (NM 55). The crosswalk at Sunset Avenue has posted school crossing signs. It may be an option to install flashing beacons or Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) for higher pedestrian visibility for vehicular traffic at both crosswalk locations. The intersection of Summit Avenue (NM 55) and US 60 intersection, is not a candidate for the use of RRFBs as long as the intersection uses a signal or beacon for traffic control.

Bicycle Facilities

Currently there are no dedicated bicycle facilities (on-street lanes or multi-use trails) along US 60.

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