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Existing Conditions Operation Analysis

Roadway Operations

The 2019 current AM and PM peak hour conditions for three separate US 60 segments were analyzed for this study. Segment 1 runs from MP 203 to MP 203.8; Segment 2 runs from MP 203.8 to MP 204.8; and Segment 3 runs from MP 204.8 to MP 205. Table IV‑9 identifies the roadway traffic characteristics for US 60. The results of the capacity analyses are summarized in the following table.

operational analysis.png

Intersection Operations

An un-signalized intersection operational analysis for the existing conditions was completed for each key intersection along the corridor. The operational analyses were completed for the current 2019 AM & PM Peak Hours of a typical weekday.

The following Table IV‑12 summarizes the existing traffic operations for the intersections. The Synchro analyses runs for AM and PM Peak Hours can be found in the Traffic Analysis & Safety Study – Existing Capacity Analysis.

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